Adoption Support Agency of Registered Therapists

What can you expect?

ASART therapists provide an initial assessment of need for the people we see. People affected by adoption should be aware that under the legislation they are entitled to an assessment of their adoption support needs by their Local Authority and may also be eligible for some financial assistance from the Local Authority.

Once therapy is agreed, ASART clients will be provided with a contract that outlines the terms for working with an ASART therapist, including the cancellation policy and procedures.

In addition, ASART clients can expect to be treated:

  • In accordance with the law which identifies adopted people as vulnerable adults: ASART has a child protection policy and abides by the law in reporting historical abuse when/if it emerges during counselling or therapy.

  • Without prejudice to gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religion, disability or otherwise:
    ASART has an equal opportunities policy. Although disabled access is not available in all the offices of ASART therapists, it may be possible to arrange for therapy to take place in another, suitable venue. If people have special requirements, as for instance when they have hearing difficulties, when English is not their first language or they have mobility problems we will make every effort to meet their needs ourselves or find alternative appropriate help.

ASART has a complaints policy available.

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