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Therapy Rooms for Hire

Professional Therapy Rooms for Hire in Suburb Barnes/Mortlake Area.

Reasons why you should consider these private counselling rooms:

(Can also be known as practice rooms, consulting rooms, treatment rooms, therapy rooms)

  • Very good public transport and private/on-street parking is available.
  • Affordable & reasonable prices for regular time slots.
  • Beautiful rooms have great high windows, with brilliant illumination and have a warm comfortable atmosphere.
  • The rooms can be used for individual and family therapy work.
  • Suitable for psychotherapy, counselling as well as many types of complementary and healing therapies.
  • Rooms are ideal for holistic therapies, workshops, training or supervision.
  • Door entry camera system in place.
  • 24-hour LIVE Security.
  • Communal Kitchen & WC are available to use.
  • Ground floor access with stairs.
  • Good transport system.